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Get ready for ag day 2007

The Importance of Ag Literacy

Why Celebrate Ag Day? Americans need to understand the value of agriculture in their daily lives.

Here are just some of the key reasons why it's important to recognize - and celebrate - Ag Day each year:

  • Increased knowledge of agriculture and nutrition allows individuals to make informed personal choices about diet and health
  • Informed citizens will be able to participate in establishing the policies that will support a competitive agricultural industry in this country and abroad.
  • Employment opportunities exist across the board in agriculture. Career choices include:
    - farm production
    - agribusiness management and marketing
    - agricultural research and engineering
    - food science
    - processing and retailing
    - banking
    - education
    - landscape architecture
    - urban planning
    - energy
    and other fields.
  • Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through 12th grade, all students should receive some systematic instruction about agriculture.
  • Agriculture is too important a topic to be taught only to the small percentage of students considering careers in agriculture and pursuing vocational agricultural studies.
  • Agricultural literacy includes an understanding of agriculture’s history and current economic, social and environmental significance to all Americans. This understanding includes some knowledge of food and fiber production, processing and domestic and international marketing.

"We promote agricultural literacy by highlighting an excellent book for children about agriculture during this week. Members typically place over 1,000 copies (of the award-winning book) in schools, libraries and doctor’s offices each year!" Judy Roush, Ohio Farm Bureau

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