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Enlisting Support

Your committee is the heart of hosting a successful event. Here is some advice on how to build and keep your Ag Day committee on track.

10 Tips for Building Your Ag Day Committee
  1. Find a diverse group of participants
    Variety is the spice of life, the old adage goes. So make sure your committee is comprised of individuals from different backgrounds and different skill areas. Contact different associations and organizations with interests in agriculture and ask for their participation.


  2. Start early
    Don’t wait until the last minute to form your committee. Begin at least 2-3 months in advance so members can get to know each other and have time to prepare. See our timeline suggestions.


  3. Identify responsibilities early
    It’s helpful for every member of your committee to know their specific role. If you have time, jot down key responsibilities and expectations of each member to avoid confusion or duplication of efforts. Talk one-on-one with each member about what you expect from them.


  4. Begin meetings with a fresh perspective
    Keep committee members enthused about Ag Day celebrations by starting each meeting with a memorable thought or quote that underscores the overall mission of the effort.


  5. Keep meetings on track
    Meetings that are too long or go off subject can be draining to committee members. To prevent this, prepare an agenda in advance with a start and stop time and make a commitment to keep to it.


  6. Plan ahead
    Provide a list of meeting dates and times in advance, so members can plan their schedules accordingly. Meeting participation will be greater, and you won’t have to track down everyone with a new meeting time.


  7. Recap action items
    It’s easy to get lost in the details, so it’s helpful to be proactive in remembering what needs to be done. Keep a record of "action items" for each committee member and check back in on the status.


  8. Celebrate successes
    When members of your committee make progress, be sure to recognize it at meetings and in person. Positive accolades are an inspiration to the entire committee.


  9. Go easy
    Leading a volunteer committee can be challenging at times. Approach your leadership with a sense of humor and understanding.


  10. Get commitments right away
    If you’d like to host an event next year, talk with committee members immediately following your event when enthusiasm is highest to seek their commitment. If you need to raise funds to hold an event or require other donated resources, a diverse committee from several organizations may be able to help in your endeavor.


"We work with many agriculture organizations to develop and distribute information and materials to members of our legislature. This year, we are adding an essay contest for high school students and will present the awards during National Ag Week." Tami Kerr, Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

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