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Timeline and Checklist

Two-Three Months in Advance
  • Identify audience and message - decide on whom you’d like your event to be focused.

  • Contact organizations or groups with whom you’d like to partner or work.

  • Begin assembling committee members.

  • Develop preliminary budget and ideas for achieving the budget (fundraising/donations).

  • Hold your first committee meeting and identify what type of event you’d like to host. Assign responsibilities that need immediate attention.

  • Make arrangements with necessary facilities or location.

  • Sign any necessary contracts or paperwork to formalize your plans.

One Month in Advance
  • Check in with your committee on their progress. Assign additional tasks as needed.

  • Confirm your plans with participating groups and site location.

Two Weeks in Advance
  • Remind committee members and other volunteers of the place and time.

  • Assign someone to photograph the event. See our tips on photography.

  • Prepare-and send-materials to local media. Follow up by telephone with key editors to ensure placement.


Following the Event
  • Send additional press releases/photos to media contacts.

  • Seek commitments from committee members for next year’s event.

  • Send recap/clipping to the Agriculture Council of America

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