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Use the social posts below to spread the word about Ag Day! Click on the images to download for your social media accounts.

Social post #1


National Ag Day is March 19, 2024. Please join us in celebrating the dedication of America’s farmers and farm families. Learn more at 



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America’s farmers are Growing a Climate for Tomorrow. Learn more about the importance of American agriculture and National Ag Day at #AgDay24


Social post #3


America’s farmers are proud stewards of our land, water and air. They’re Growing a Climate for Tomorrow! Show your thanks by recognizing their hard work on National Ag Day, March 19, 2024. There’s more at #AgDay24


Social post #4

America’s farm families are stewards of the land, water and air. March 19, 2024 is National Ag Day — a great time to thank farmers for all they do. There’s more at #AgDay24


Social post #5


Our country’s soil, air and water are our most precious resources. America’s farmers are Growing a Climate for Tomorrow that protects them all. Learn more at #AgDay24

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Social post #6


Farmers are innovators committed to leaving a healthy world for future generations. Discover how America’s farmers are Growing a Climate for Tomorrow at Celebrate National Ag Day on March 19, 2024. #AgDay24


Social post #7

No one is more committed to protecting the land than America’s farmers. Learn more about how farmers are Growing a Climate for Tomorrow during National Ag Day—March 19, 2024. #AgDay24


Social post #8

One farmer could feed nearly 76 people in the early 70s. Today, one farmer can feed more than 165 people! #AgDay24


Social post #9

Farmers made up 4.3% of America’s labor force in the early 1970s compared with 1.3% today. #AgDay24


Social post #10

A loaf of plain white bread was 27 cents in the early 1970s. Today, that same loaf of bread will cost you around $1.85. #AgDay24


Social post #11

The minimum hourly wage in the 1970s was $2.10 per hour compared with today’s federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. #AgDay24

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