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Planning Tips

Hosting an Ag Day event can be easy and fun if you plan ahead. Here are six simple steps that will help make your efforts a success.

Determine Your Primary Message

What is the single, most important point that you’d like to be able to communicate with your event? The importance of quality ingredients (to a successful recipe or article of clothing)? The value of sound nutrition? The financial impact of agriculture in your community? The contribution of agriculture to renewable fuel resources?

The more specifically you can focus on - and demonstrate - your message, the more likely it is to be remembered!

Identify Your Audience

Decide who you want to reach most with your message. Consider individuals who are least aware of the benefits of agriculture or have the ability to influence others. Some possibilities include:

  • Consumers (general public)

  • Children and Teachers

  • Business Leaders

  • Parents

  • Media Contacts

  • Government Leaders

Form a Strong Committee

Once you have a general idea of whom you’d like to reach, begin enlisting support from others who share your enthusiasm for agriculture. By joining together, you can expand creativity, lend credibility to your celebration and cut down on costs. Potential committee members may include:

  • Farmers and Ranchers

  • Business and Trade Associations

  • Service, Fraternal and Youth Groups

  • Religious and Educational Groups

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Groups

  • Government

  • Media

  • Women’s Organizations

  • Merchants

Select an Event

One of the first steps in choosing your event may be to find out what other groups in your community, state or industry are doing to celebrate Ag Day. This is a good opportunity to enlist their support, thus enhancing each other’s efforts. Work with your committee to host an event that keeps to the mission of Ag Day, but also brings exposure to involved members and organizations.

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