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Spread the Message of Agriculture as an Ag Day Influencer

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Every year for Ag Day, people from across our industry and country come together to recognize the contributions of agriculture.


If you’re a college student or intern looking to gain experience in communication and community building—and to beef up your resume—we have an opportunity for you at this year’s event.  Make sure you sign up so you get updated messages and tools.  

Use these tools to be an Ag Day influencer to help spread the positive message about agriculture. We’ve already created a variety of digital resources, making it easy for you to promote the event.  More tools will be available soon so check back!  The most important thing is get signed up so you receive updates!

Influencer Toolbox 

The influencer guide is your how-to, complete with tips and tools.

Social Media Toolkit

Take a look for sample posts to make storytelling easier.

Promotional Tools

Call Your Legislator Instruction Card

This card will give you instructions and sample scripts to use to let your lawmakers know why agriculture is important.

Video:  Welcome to the Influencer Program

Greetings and welcome from National Ag Day.

Video:  Telling Your Ag Day Story

We all know it. Agriculture is all around us, but how do we share the story of an industry we love? Well, this video from Michelle Stangler, former Ag Day participant as well as a member of FFA, 4-H, and AFA, highlights how you can tell the story through different ways to connect with your audience on social media and some tidbits of information to use.

Video:  Planning a Successful Ag Advocacy Event

It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s rewarding work when planning a successful agricultural advocacy event. Whether you have started or need some ideas, this video will go over how to connect and inspire your audience to wanting to come, formulating a plan and what to do when the event draws closer.


Video: Gaining Confidence to Speak With Legislators

People connect to people, and telling your agricultural related story to legislators are as important to planning activities for Ag Day, or however you’re celebrating the industry. This video will go over what to know before going into a visit with local, state or national officials and how to prepare for a successful visit. 

Report Back

Use this form to share back what you accomplished as an Ag Day Influencer!

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