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Ag Day Virtual Programming

These free webinar recordings give pointers on advocacy, leadership and promoting agriculture.

Recorded Webinars

Advocacy for the Everyday Leader (Jason Wetzler)

Play recording (53 min)

Recording password: Cy3R3kNg

We often consider advocacy to be a specific word, only to be used in a professional context. In this brief webinar, we’ll cover how advocacy can be used by the everyday leader to improve their lives and the industries they represent.

Advocating with Elected Officials (Caleb Wright)

Play recording (48 min)

Recording password: 9dRtY2ZH

Society and the way we interact with others has changed drastically since the beginning of our country and the establishment of our government. During this session, we will discuss ways we can be advocates, day in and day out, no matter where we live! The conversation will also include ways and strategies on how we can build relationships with our elected officials. 

Who Are You and What Do You Want? (Reagan Pugh)

Play recording (1 hr 15 min)

Recording password: Hghhp3Sj

The biggest mistake most people make when advocating for themselves, their organization, or their community is this: They don’t know how to communicate who they are or what they want. Which means they are forgettable.

With a little reflection and simple structure, you can stand apart from the crowd and be understood by those you wish to include in your mission.  In this interactive session, Reagan will walk you through a series of reflection activities to help you better articulate your story and values. He will then teach you a storytelling framework to give you a solid elevator pitch you can custom tailor to fit any situation or scenario. 

Creating Content that Speaks to Your Audience (Reagan Pugh)

Play recording (1 hr 28 min)

Recording password: pKM3HqRN

Have you ever found yourself frustrated that no one seems to care about your cause as much as you? Most marketing, promotion or advocacy efforts don’t work because they fail to speak the language of the people on the receiving end. If we’re going to enlist people in our story, we need to understand their story. We need to show them how they can find purpose in the work we’re inviting them to join. It all starts with understanding our audience. This session will help you dig into the psyche of the people you need to enlist in your cause through an audience understanding activity. It will then guide you through activities to create messaging to catch their attention and inspire action. 

How Many Agriculturists Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? (Jason Wetzler)

Play recording (54 min)

Recording password: YiwNPVj7

Now, maybe more than ever before in our country’s recent history, our supply/value chain being tested. As someone who gets a seat at the table, we’ll discover what perspectives need to be considered to ensure a bright future for American agriculture and all the people it represents.

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