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Sample Scripts

Ag Day Celebration Introduction Script

Welcome! We're delighted you've chosen to join us as we celebrate Ag Day 2020! This is the 47th anniversary of National Ag Day. That's over 40 years of recognizing agriculture's role in American life, and that's certainly an achievement worth celebrating!


First, I'd like to take a brief moment and thank key individuals and organizations who made today's event possible. <discuss individuals and their contribution>

But more broadly, I think it's important - particularly on a day like today - to show our gratitude to the many men and women who make agriculture possible. I know many of you are with us today.

We know that food and fiber doesn't just arrive at the grocery or clothing store . . . or magically appear on our dinner table or in our closet. There's an entire industry dedicated to providing plentiful and safe food for consumption . . . as well as a wide range of comfortable, fashionable clothing choices. We rely on agriculture for the very necessities of life. From beef and pork to cotton and corn, agriculture is working harder than ever to meet the needs of Americans and others around the world.

And it's important to remember that American agriculture is not just doing it, but doing it better and more effectively! Consider this:


  • Each American farmer feeds about 165 people. Agriculture is America's #1 export.

  • New technology means farmers are more environmentally friendly than ever before.

That's really what this day is all about . . . recognizing the role of agriculture - and celebrating it. Thank you for joining us today!

Letter to the Editor

Where does your food come from?

If you're like many Americans, the answer is the grocery store. And frankly, that disturbs me. The grocery store isn't where food comes from - it's just from where it's distributed. In reality, far too many people are unaware of the role of American agriculture in their daily lives . . . and what it really takes to have food on their dinner table.

Just a few generations ago, most people were a part of - and had friends or relatives involved with - agriculture. Today, that's no longer the case. That's why I'm writing, because agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities of life . . . food, fiber, clothing, and shelter. And it's about time Americans recognize that contribution!

American farmers are working harder than ever, and it shows. Today, each American farmer feeds more than 165 people. And the need for food produced in the United States is dramatic. Agriculture is this nation's #1 export and vitally important in sustaining a healthy economy.

And it's not just the farmer who makes our food possible. The entire agriculture industry, all the way to the grocery store, are vital links in a chain that brings food to every citizen - and millions of people abroad.
Frankly, it's easy to take agriculture for granted in America. Our food is readily accessible and safe. For this, we're unbelievably fortunate . . . but that doesn't mean we don't have an obligation to recognize how it's made possible.

This March 22, 2022, is National Ag Day, hosted by the Agriculture Council of America. Ag Day is a good time to reflect - and be grateful for - American agriculture!

Writing News Copy

If you want to write a unique public service announcement for your event, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Use an attention-getting opening line.

  • Keep sentences short.

  • Identify key details upfront.

  • Time your PSA, and make sure the time is correct (15 or 30 seconds is best).

  • Try to get a "local celebrity" to record your PSA to encourage radio stations to run the spot


(ANNOUNCER): March 22, 2022 is Ag Day. Did you know American agriculture not only provides you food and clothing, but also helps meet needs around the world? Plus, American agriculture is not just producing more food, it’s producing higher quality food. This message was brought to you by the Agriculture Council of America and <insert your organization> in commemoration of Ag Day, March 22nd.


(ANNOUNCER): Consider this: just about everything we eat, wear and use comes from American agriculture. That’s why Americans will be learning more about agriculture’s important role in daily life as part of National Ag Day on March 22, 2022. Contact the Agriculture Council of America at (913) 491-1895 or at This message was brought to you by National Ag Day and <insert your organization> in commemoration of Ag Day, March 22, 2022.

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