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2022 Ag Day Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 National Ag Day Essay Contest Winners. The winning entries can be viewed below. This contest is divided into two categories of competition: written essay and video essay. View the press release here

Written Essay Contest

The national written essay winner for 2022 is Haden Coleman of Trinity, Texas.  He will receive a $1,000 prize and recognition during the virtual Ag Day event on March 22, 2022.

The contest also named two merit winners who will receive $100 and will have their essays featured in the Ag Day Blog.  They are:


Rebekah Vague

Ellsworth, Kansas


Makenna Stundebeck

Salisbury, Missouri

Read the winning essay:

American Agriculture: Growing a Climate for Tomorrow

Haden Coleman

Trinity, TX

As farmers and ranchers, our job is to work to secure food and resources  for the world.   It is up to us to help those that are hungry and in need be able to obtain and afford these items.  As time ticks on, we are facing different  challenges.   However, with the advances  in technology, production  is more efficient, more profitable, and safer than ever before. The future of agriculture  is bright.

As producers  and processors,  farmers are some of the most productive  people in the world.   They work day and night to care for their herd or crops.  Today, technology  has helped with so many aspects of caring for their produce that it has truly changed the way we work.  With these advances we can now monitor moisture levels, get up-to-date  aerial images, and machines  that complete the job faster and more efficiently.  This allows the producer  to work more efficiently, with higher productivity.  Thus lowering costs.  In lowering cost and increasing  production,  we can provide quality products  at a stable price.

Today's challenges  are bigger now than ever before.  We face climate change, legislation changes, and inflation that tries to block what we all strive to do.  That is to provide quality products and services at fair prices so that everyone  can benefit.   Especially  those that are hungry.   So many people each year go hungry or die due to a lack of proper nutrition  from food.   Farmers  and Ranchers are on the front lines of the food chain to provide  for others as well as their families. We strive to be more efficient and environmentally friendly and I believe the advancements  in technology  will help us greatly.  For example, monitoring  moisture levels, we know when our crops need water.   This in turn will decrease water usage and decrease run-off and in turn decrease the impact on the environment.

As we step into the next age of production, the use of technology  is causing a chain reaction in the efficiency  of farming and ranching.   As time goes on, I believe that these impacts will help with the availability of products  as well as the stability of costs.   I, as a future producer, know that these advancements and changes will positively  impact not only individuals  but hopefully  the entire world.   I am hoping to be one of those individuals  who can make a difference  in the industry and make a difference  in the health and well being of the

people around me.

Video Essay Contest

The national video essay winner for 2022 is Kenna Mullins from Oxford, Pennsylvania.  She will receive a  $1,000 prize for her video

Watch the winning video essay now:

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