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National Ag Day Celebration Begins With Meet-And-Mingle Luncheon
Washington, DC

Lunch08Several events kicked off National Agriculture Week on March 11, 2008, in Washington D.C. At this year’s events various associations, corporations, universities and government agencies gathered together in our nation’s capital for a variety of activities that included a Meet-and-Mingle celebration luncheon at the Hart Senate office building.

The luncheon was emceed by Orion Samuelson, WGN Radio, followed by Becky Sullivan, National FFA Secretary from Paola, Kansas. Guest speaker at the luncheon was Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, who addressed several FFA Students including honored luncheon guests, the FFA Star Award Finalists, in addition to other luncheon attendees, including Senate staff members, and corporation and association employees.

Prior to the luncheon, FFA made about 45 Hill visits with the FFA students in attendence, afterwards the students stopped by the meet-and-mingle luncheon and held an FFA Rally in the afternoon.

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A Celebration of Agriculture Dinner

Ed Schafer
Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Schafer addresses
dinner attendees.
Food/Fiber/Biofuel Chain

The National Celebration of Agriculture dinner took place at the USDA’s Whitten building patio where Orion Samuelson, WGN Radio, served as host once again.

Special guests for the dinner included Dr. Pedro Sanchez, The Earth Institute at Columbia University and the CAST Charles A. Black award winner and Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Schafer. Other guest speakers included: Greg Webb, ADM; Doug Loudenslager, National FFA; Linda Sorkin; and Roger Olsen, 4-H.

In addition, the Ag Day Essay contest national winner, Katlin Wiest, of Lykens, Pennsylvania, read her winning essay on “Agriculture – Bigger than You Think.” Linda Tank, CHS, Inc., presented Katlin with her $1,000 prize for being the national essay contest winner.

Also at the dinner, the ACA unveiled the new "Food/Fiber/Biofuel Chain" poster. The poster shows all of the industries involved in the production, processing, and distribution of feeding, clothing and fueling the American consumer. In total, 21 million people in the U.S. are now employed to support the 301 million consumers in the country.

To download the Food/Fiber/Biofuel Chain poster visit

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Agriculture - Bigger Than You Think

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) has announced the national 2008 Ag Day Essay Contest winner, Katlin Wiest.

Katlin Wiest
Katlin Wiest (left) with Secretary of
Agriculture, Ed Schafer.

ACA called upon seventh- to 12th-grade students nationwide to submit original essays of 450 words about the importance of agriculture in the United States. Under the theme “Agriculture – Bigger Than You Think,” students were encouraged to focus their essays on the broader scope of agriculture, showcasing the diversity of today’s American farms. Though row crops and livestock are still very much a part of the foundation of the industry, agriculture today has multiple touch points in our daily lives and many career opportunities.

Wiest, an eighth-grader at Upper Dauphin Middle School, Lykens, Pa., was named the national winner of the 2008 contest during the Ag Day event held at the USDA Whitten Building Patio. Wiest read her essay to industry representatives, members of Congress, federal agency representatives, media and others at the Celebration of Agriculture dinner in Washington, D.C. The following is an excerpt from her essay:

“Agricultural products are used by each of us every day. When our alarm clocks ring in the morning, they are most likely made of a plastic derived from corn or soybeans. We then go to our closets and pick out our cotton clothing to wear. Next, it’s breakfast. We grab the carton of milk and the box of eggs, which come from dairy and poultry farms. Soon, we hurry out the door to a vehicle powered by ethanol. At lunch, we open our lunch bags to pull out a bologna sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. At home, we make dinner, honey-glazed ham with beans, and sugar cookies for dessert. Everything we eat is an agricultural product. As the day ends, we crawl under our wool blankets and go to sleep not thinking that the many things we did today involved agriculture.”

“This year’s topic showcased the diversity of American agriculture. It was great to see the depth of knowledge today’s youth have about the agricultural industry,” said Gerald Tumbleson, president, Agriculture Council of America. “Katlin’s essay highlighted the many areas of agriculture that people encounter on a day-to-day basis.”

Ag Day is a nationally coordinated program that envisions consumers, young and old, talking about agriculture. The contest is sponsored by CHS Inc., The Council for Agricultural Science & Technology, High Plains Journal, National Association of Farm Broadcasting, National Agri-Marketing Association, Country Living Association and McCormick Company.

Download the complete essay by Katlin Wiest in an Adobe .PDF format.

Ag Day Essay Contest State Winners

Arizona - Kayla Islas
Arkansas - John Guffey
California - Theresa Hoang
Colorado - Andrew Bartlett
Florida - Jeremy Hough
Georgia - Sammie Williams
Illinois - John Steinacher
Indiana - Hayden Wilder
Iowa - Kimberly Schroeder
Kansas - Chandra Devine
Maine - Aryn Martin
Maryland - Lauren Bourne
Massachusetts - Stephanie Hobbs
Michigan - Lily Huang
Minnesota - Raven Larson
Missouri - Courtney Redus
Montana - Brooke Ellen Kapalka
Nebraska - Jake Nelson
Nevada - Mark Stewart
New York - Cindy Ramjeawan
North Carolina - Rebekah Miller
Ohio - Brittany Rich
Oklahoma - Heather Piersing
Pennsylvania - Gabrielle Terry
South Dakota - Taylor Clair Geppert
Tennessee - Clinton Dee Snoddy
Texas - Sarah Petta
Utah - Jacob Hadfield
Virginia - Lauren Murphy
West Virginia - Zach Tennant
Wisconsin - Ashley Julka

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Ag Day Materials Update

It's not too late to order materials for your Ag Day celebrations! Supplies are dwindling so order your materials today:

Ag Day Planning Guide
Our supply of Ag Day Planning Guides for 2008 is nearly exhausted! If you are in need of a guide, please feel free to download it in an Adobe .PDF file and make as many copies as you need. Download the guide at

2008 Ag Day Poster

Ag Day Poster
Every year the Ag Council of America prints a poster to honor and celebrate American agriculture. This year's poster, A Celebration of Agriculture, is the first in a new series of five and features the West Coast.

Already have this year's poster? Check out the posters from previous years at, all posters are suitable for framing and make great gifts or incentives for your upcoming event.

Ag Day Lapel Pin & Ag Fact Cards
Due to an overwhelming demand, our supplies of Ag Day Lapel Pins and Ag Fact Cards have sold out!

To order your Ag Day materials visit,

Special thanks to all who have ordered materials, your continued support is greatly appreciated!

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Ag Day Sponsors

Sponsorship for the National Ag Day program has been stong this year. Through our sponsors and partners we were able to create a more visible National Ag Day Celebration. We'd like to take a minute to thank all of our sponsors for their help and support in making the 2008 National Ag Day Celebration such a success. In particular, we'd like to thank Ag Day Partners, John Deere and ADM. We hope this success will last for many years to come!

Please take a look at our list of sponsors, stop by their web sites and maybe drop them a note to thank them for their part in helping all Americans understand the importance of agriculture.

Please visit, for a list of our sponsors.

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ACA Board of Directors

Special thanks to the ACA Board of Directors who volunteered their time and energy into planning the 2008 National Ag Day Program.

Gerald Tumbleson, National Corn Growers Association

Vice Chair
Greg Webb, Archer Daniels Midland

Linda Tank, CHS, Inc.

Lynn Henderson, AgriMarketing Magazine
Dr. John Bonner, CAST
Ben Noble, Troutman Sanders Public Affairs Group, LLC
Terry Gilbert, American Farm Bureau Federation
Melanie Miller, The Sugar Association
Doug Loudenslager, National FFA Organization
Barry Nelson, John Deere Agricultural Marketing Center

Past Chair
Jim Bone, DuPont Crop Protection

Jenny Pickett, National Agri-Marketing Association

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Your Upcoming Ag Day Events

Do you want to get the word out about your upcoming National Ag Day/Week event? Just visit the Ag Day Calendar at and click on the "Add an event" button to get your event posted to the calendar for everyone to see when they visit the Ag Day web site.

In addition, we'd love to hear how your event turned out. Submit pictures and a write-up about your event to

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Ag Day 2009

Start planning your 2009 Ag Day events today! National Ag Week will take place March 15-21, 2009 and National Ag Day will be March 20, 2009 (the first day of Spring.)

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